iPhone 14 Series Announced Prices Starts From $799

Hello guys welcome to Chromvair today in this article we are talking about iPhone 14 Series Announced Prices Starts From $799. We have headed to the Big Apple to tell you all the big news about iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. We will explore the new models and go through all the amazing new features, sizes and colors available.

The iPhone 14 looks identical to the iPhone 13, but there is a new6.7- inch model called the iPhone 14 Plus. Under- the- hood advancements include 6 GB of RAM, a 5- core GPU, Bluetooth5.3, and multiple camera updates.

iPhone 14 Series Announced Prices Starts From $799

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max feature a new Super Retina XDR display with streamlined creation technology that allows for an Always . On display, a first for an iPhone. The Always- On display is made possible through a new 1Hz to 120Hz refresh rate along with bettered power effective technologies.

The iPhone 14 starts at $799, and the iPhone Plus starts at $899. Meanwhile, the Pro and Pro Max of the iPhone 14 models start at $999. All four devices are available to preorder on Sept. 9.

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iPhone 14 Series Announced Prices Starts From $799

While the former two bring minor upgrades over the former- word iPhone 13 series, the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro Max feature a new lozenge- shaped notch, a 48MP triadic camera setup, and other cool upgrades.

Now, Apple only blazoned the US pricing of the four new iPhone models, which starts at$ 799, at the launch event. But, you all must be wondering.

what’s the price of the new iPhone 14 or 14 Pro models in India? Well, we ’re going to answer that question in this composition. So check out how important the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models will bring in India.

The new iPhones run on iOS 16, which includes updates like the capability to edit textbook dispatches and a new customizable cinch screen .

That can display technical app updates without making you unleash your phone first. The new phones diverge from Apple’s long- standing picking conventions in an attempt to distinguish the Pro phones from their none- Pro stablemates.

iPhone 14 Series Announced Prices Starts From $799

Also, all iPhone 14 models got improvements in their flashlight, which is Adaptive True Tone Flash. iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus comes in five colors Midnight, Light Purple, RED, Starlight, and a new shade of Blue.

The Pro models have two new colors, Space Black and Deep Purple, alongside the other two, Silver and Gold. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max feature reworked displays that do away with the oft-maligned notch that houses the phone’s Face ID tech and front camera in favor of a new pill-shaped cutout.

Apple has mentioned that the non-pro models of iPhone 14 have All-day battery life, and the iPhone 14 Pro models are said to have an All-day battery life, but its capacity will be larger than non-pro models.

The company hasn’t revealed many details about the charging and battery of the iPhone 14 series, but it mentioned that MagSafe charging is supported.

Apple says the goal behind the Dynamic Island is to clearly show information without distracting from the app you’re in. “With this change, we reconsidered how you interact with your iPhone,” Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, said during the company’s keynote on Wednesday.

Camera updates

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus also get a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera and an ultra-wide angle camera. The company also says the phones’ new Photonic Engine offers 2x low-light on the front camera ultra-wide lens and 2.5x low-light performance on the wide-angle lens.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, meanwhile, get new high-powered 48-megapixel main camera sensors and three lenses: telephoto, wide-angle, and ultra-wide angle lenses. Interestingly, Apple says that there is a new 2x telephoto mode in addition to the base 3x telephoto mode.

There’s also a new quad-pixel sensor, which Apple says groups every four pixel into one larger pixel to ensure better light capture capabilities.

Like the iPhone14 and iPhone 14 Plus, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max get improved LED flashes, with 3x better lighting. They also get Apple’s new Photonic Engine.

iPhone 14 Series Announced Prices Starts From $799

And this camera is a 12MP important lens with faster focus and a larger detector. either, iPhone 14 also has a new briskly orifice photonic machine for low light enhancement.

Also, there are numerous advancements in the videotape section. As we know, iPhones are the only smartphone used for cinematography, so it allows recording at 4K with shiftable support of 24 fps and 30 fps.

The iPhone 14 Pro models have the most advanced cameras in Apple history, with a new 48MP main camera and a new 12MP Ultra Wide camera with all features ofnon-pro models.

And there’s a new point for videotape recording, which is Action Mode, that will allow druggies to record videotape with further stability while recording commodity unstable or practicable.

Apple iPhone 14 Series Launched in India

in the other hand, the Cupertino-based tech giant has kept the price of the iPhone 14 somewhat similar to the iPhone 13 in the US but raised the price excessively in some of the global markets. In the United States, .

The base 128GB model of the iPhone 14 starts at $799, which is the same as the launch price of the iPhone 13 introduced last year. The price of the most expensive iPhone 14 version — iPhone 14 Pro Max — starts at $1,099, which is again the same as the launch price of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

So, if you live in India and want to purchase an iPhone 14, it is a better idea to ask someone living in some of the other countries to get the device at a cheaper price for you.

A quick look at how much the iPhone 14 series cost in other countries and which countries offer the device for a relatively cheaper price.

iPhone 14 Series Announced Prices Starts From $799

Apple has not increased the prices of the non-Pro models, and the iPhone 14 thresholds at Rs,900 in India, which is the same starting price as iPhone 13 from last time. The iPhone 14 Plus, which replaces the mini, is priced Rs,000 advanced and starts at Rs,900 in India.

iPhone 14 India Prices

128 GB – Rs,900
256 GB – Rs,900
GB – Rs,900

iPhone 14 Plus India Prices

128 GB – Rs,900
256 GB – Rs,900
GB – Rs,900

Apple has verified that iPhone 14 and 14 Plus will be over for pre-order starting from September 9 at 530 PM IST. There’s a slight difference in the shipping dates.

However. The iPhone 14 will start dispatching first, starting from September 16, whereas the iPhone 14 Plus will be available from October 7 in India.

For a piece of advice, I’ll recommend iPhone 14 Pro to buy because it seems to be the best in this series in terms of features and pricing. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will iPhone 14 have SIM card?

No more fiddling with that tiny SIM card tray: Apple has dropped the physical SIM card slot in the iPhone 14 lineup in the US, switching to eSIMs instead

Does iPhone 14 Pro have Dual SIM?

Further, Apple’s website has also confirmed that iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will come with dual eSIM support, allowing users to use multiple cellular plans on a single device.

Can I buy iPhone 14 from USA and use in India?

Yes, you can still buy or ask someone to get an iPhone 14 series phone from the US and it will work in India. But yes, there are certain pluses and minuses. Read on to find out. Apple has launched its 2022 lineup of iPhones.

Will iPhone 14 have SIM tray in India?

In India, the SIM tray will be given in iPhone 14 series smartphones along with a slot for an eSIM. These devices need an operating system not older than iOS 12.1. To run an eSIM in the eligible devices, one also needs to subscribe to such a mobile network which supports eSIM.

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