5 Best Video Cutter Apps for Android in 2022

Hello guys welcome to Chromvair today in this article we are talking about 5 Best Video Cutter Apps for Android in 2022. VLC’s recording feature to create an entirely new video file.

If you want to cut out multiple clips, you’ll have to either make multiple new video files, or skip around the video while it’s recording. Both the Mac and PC versions of VLC let you cut videos by recording them.

5 Best Video Cutter Apps for Android in 2022

One of the most popular and best video editing apps without watermark for androids we have in this era. It has an intuitive interface that is user-friendly for beginners. It’s not only used to edit videos but can be used to edit pictures too.

Android and iOS mobile phones, it’s completely free to use, but it does have watermarks in its video editing ending and video editing templates.

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5 Best Video Cutter Apps for Android in 2022

WhatsApp, you want to cut it as per your preference. Unfortunately, very few Android devices come with a built-in video editor. Hence, to cut a video, you’ll have to download a third-party app.

This apps is very easy to use when it comes to remove watermark from photo. This can also help you erase any object, date stamp, and logo. If you install it, you can see a simple interface which is perfect for beginners.

1. Easy Video Cutter

5 Best Video Cutter Apps for Android in 2022

Easy Video Cutter is a very popular and easy-to-use video cutter app available on the Google Play Store. With Easy Video Cutter, you can easily cut video, merge video, mute video, and more.

It’s a video editing app that provides many useful tools. You can also use it to extract audio from a video, adjust the video speed, apply video effects, and more.

The app is also light on system resources and can trim part of the video or audio stream in just a few taps.

2. Filmr

5 Best Video Cutter Apps for Android in 2022

The Filmr app is a super easy-to-use video editing app for Android as well as iOS-based phones. Perfect for both beginners as well as advanced video creators- it has a simple, fast and intuitive interface.

You can add transitions, effects, filters and more to transform a basic video to something that is uber cool. If you’re looking for speed, agility and a premium look for your videos, Filmr is the place for you.

Can reorder videos, photos and audio clips with a simple drag-and-drop. Lets you search for any song with a simple search or add music from your existing files

3. Quik

5 Best Video Cutter Apps for Android in 2022

In just a few taps, GoPro Quik brings your favorite memories to life by producing cinematic auto-edits. Take control of simple yet powerful editing tools.

while Quik energizes your footage by seamlessly syncing your edit to music. With the Mural feature, free your best shots from the clutter of your camera roll.

Automatically add transitions and effects and apply beat-synced themes to create stunning and shareable edits. It does most of the editing automatically; however, Quik also lets you customize fine details.

4. VidTrim

5 Best Video Cutter Apps for Android in 2022

VidTrim is a video editor and organizer for Android. It includes multiple features like trimming, merging, frame grabbing, video effects, extract audio (convert to MP3) and transcoding (compress and convert to MP4). You can also share your videos with your friends directly through the app.

Other than trimming videos, you can use VidTrim to merge video clips, convert videos into MP3 audio format, grab frames from videos, and more.

VidTrim also has a premium version that offers cool video effects, transcoding video clips, and adding music to your videos. You can use the premium features for free, but the videos will have a watermark.

5. Timbre

5 Best Video Cutter Apps for Android in 2022

If you are searching for an all-in-one video and audio editing app for your Android device, give Timbre a try. While Timbre is initially introduced as an audio editing app, it can also handle videos.

You can use Timbre to cut audio and video files, merge videos, convert videos & audio, and more. The app also has a few other useful features, such as extracting audio from a video and turning a video into a GIF.

Regarding file compatibility, Timbre is fully compatible with popular video and audio formats such as MP4, AVI, MP3, WAV, FLAC, MOV, OGG, WMA, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you Photoshop a video?

A lot of photographers and a lot of multimedia folks feel very comfortable in Photoshop, and the fact now is that Photoshop CS6 offers the ability to work with video in the standard edition of Photoshop. You’ve got a nice, clear, and easy-to-use video editing tool that’s great for short projects.

Can I edit my face in a video?

Is there an app to edit skin in videos? YouCam Video is the best video face editor app to edit skin in videos. With AI face detection, the YouCam Video app can let users smooth skin, edit face shape, whiten teeth, and remove blemishes in videos naturally and easily.

Which Photoshop is best?

Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom remains the gold standard in pro photo workflow software. It’s a complete package, with top-notch organization tools, state-of-the-art adjustments, and all the output and printing options you could want.

What app do makeup artists use for videos?

YouCam Video is the world’s first selfie video editing app for you to apply makeup & retouch selfie videos of any length. Retouch eyes, lips, nose and more on videos, add video effects, and makeup including eyeshadow, lip color, eyelashes and more. YouCam Video is your one stop tool to edit pro selfie videos!

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